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Jewellery Repairs

Having jewellery lost, stolen or damaged is a unpleasant experience,this is why we are your Jeweller for your choice of replacement.

Franco Jewellers, understanding families attachment and sentimentality to pieces that are important. Franco Jewellers is a supplier to many insurance companies, and we pride ourselves with the experience and expertise to work with you and your insurance company, to make the process of replacing your jewellery quick and easy.

Manchester Building Suite 904/220 Collins Street 3000. We will assess, quote repair and/or replace any lost, stolen or damaged Jewellery item or Time piece by the simple receipt of a formal request from your Company. Franco Jewellers will make what could be a difficult time, very easy.

Telephone:  03 9663 5751
Address: Manchester Building Suite 904/220 Collins Street 3000
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