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Let Franco Jewellers Help You Find Your Dream Wedding Ring Bands in Melbourne

Wedding rings in Melbourne are a sign of love and affection.

A meaningful moment of your wedding is when you and your spouse exchange rings. Your ring is a symbol of devotion and should be chosen and looked after with special care.

Tips Regarding Choosing Wedding Rings in Melbourne

When you are deciding on your dream wedding ring, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Attention to detail: While wedding ring bands in Melbourne may look beautiful behind glass, the reality is this item is something that you will wear on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Make sure to pay attention to how the ring looks on your finger and that it properly compliments the size and shape or your hand.
  • Consider buying your engagement ring and wedding band together: Engagement rings and wedding rings in Melbourne are meant to complement each other. When you buy the two rings as a set, you know with certainty that there will be no issue with how the two rings fit or look together.
  • Set a budget: Financing a wedding is expensive, so if your bottom line is an important detail in your wedding plans it is necessary to set your price point. When you come in to meet with a member of our team, sharing this figure will help us present you with the best choices not to break the bank.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Wedding Bands in Melbourne

To get the most value out of your wedding rings in Melbourne, try to remember the following tips:

  • Keep your ring in a safe place: While it is rare that you will take your wedding band off after your special day, if and when you do, it is important to remember to keep the ring in a safe place. Make sure to avoid leaving the ring on the edge of a nightside table as this causes an increased risk of it falling off and rolling under other furniture.
  • Take care when lifting something heavy: If you have to pick up something heavy at work or home, try to take your ring off first. The added stress from the weight on the outside of your ring could potentially damage the band. This harm could lead to a loose band or dislodging one of the settings.
  • Have your ring cleaned regularly: A wedding ring is something to be proud of and show off. Having your ring cleaned by a professional on a consistent basis keeps the shine of your ring alive and maintains the beauty of the ring for the long term.

Why You Should Use Franco Jewellers

Franco Jewellers is an authority in the jewellery industry. With fifty years of experience in the creation of wedding rings and bands, our team understands the sentimental role your ring plays in your wedding and the role it plays as the years pass.

Please reach out for more information about our wedding ring selection by calling us on 03 9564 7755 or use our contact page.

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