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Pear Cut Diamonds

The Sweetness of a Pear Cut Diamond

It’s easy to see why people think diamond cuts have something to do with a diamond’s shape. In fact, diamond cuts is a guide to what style or design will be used to shape the diamond.

It’s not about the shape (pear, oval, round brilliant), it’s about the symmetry, proportion and the final polish of the diamond. Your diamond ring should capture the best of all those elements.

The look, the brilliance and the overall value of a diamond relies on the precision of its diamond cuts.

Of all the different shapes for diamonds that adorn a diamond ring, there’s one that’s truly enchanting – the pear cut diamond.

The uniqueness of Pear Cut diamonds

Why does a pear cut diamond stand out? The pear cut or teardrop cut—is different to other diamond cuts. It’s a specially modified brilliant cut culminating in one end that is rounded and a point on the other. It is instantly recognisable and much loved.

Having an eye-catching design is one thing. There are added advantages in choosing pear cut diamonds. The beauty of their elongated shape means that pear cuts appear larger than a round diamond. It’s not only the look though, the top surface of a pear cut diamond can be actually 8% larger. That’s a unique quality worth keeping in mind.

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