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Whenever you’re looking for the best of the best in Men’s bracelets, Franco Jewellers is the only place to go.
Here is where you’ll find the top Men’s bracelets Melbourne has on offer.
It isn’t easy to find Men’s bracelets that are a special mix of style, class and elegance. That is until you’ve seen the range at Franco Jewellers.

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A Men’s Bracelet that tells a story
Jewellery works on more than one level.
That is true of men’s bracelets too. It can tell something of who you are and why you are wearing it to a complete stranger. It gives them an added hint of who you are and what you’re like as well as the opportunity to break the ice by asking about your bracelet.
In olden times, wearing a bracelet was a show of superiority. It was really only wealthy men who wore bracelets. These days, men’s bracelets are more of a fashion statement. It is an easy to wear accessory to help you stand out from the crowd. It can bring a certain sophistication and charm to a man.

The different types of men’s bracelets
With the variety of men’s bracelets around, there are a few options out there to consider.
One thing you don’t want is a cheap and nasty version, like you see around. The most stylish men’s bracelets Melbourne make a statement. It’s a way to tell the rest of the world that you value the way you present yourself.
That’s where Franco Jewellers can help. You can choose from a stunning selection of men’s bracelets, including;
  • Leather weaved bracelets
  • Black Sapphire set
  • Herringbone sterling silver
  • Silver cuff bangles
Style that suits your personality is ready and waiting.
Of all the jewellers around, the very best jewellers are within the Melbourne CBD – to be more precise – right here at 260 Collins Street.
Our consultants will sit with you and go through everything you want from personal preference, design and something to work with your budget. It’s the special ‘face to face’ service at Franco Jewellers that makes all the difference.

The range we’re famous for
The perfect mix of quality and style in our range of jewellery makes all the difference.
As well as our stunning selection of men’s bracelets, you’ll find the best in;
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings
  • Jewellery
  • Precious Gem Stone Rings
  • Men’s & Women’s watches
  • Custom Jewellery
The quality at Franco Jewellers is unequalled. Every client is special to us and it shows.
For more details, contact the Franco team today – because you can and because you’re worth it.
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