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For the very best in stylish and affordable watches for men and women, head straight to Franco Jewellers. A watch is no longer just a timepiece, it’s a fashion statement and a way to show your sense of style and taste. It can be a long process in trying to find the right watch unless you go right to the experts in quality watches for men and women. With the team at Franco Jewellers on your side, you are sure to find the perfect watch – one you will wear with pride for years to come.
A watch to look out for The choice of stylish watches at Franco Jewellers is second to none. Swiss-made is an internationally recognized term for true precision and craftsmanship. It means the workings are painstakingly assembled to provide the ultimate in a timepiece. There’s also the latest in innovation, sophistication and functionality. With Franco Jewellers, you have access to a wide range of quality designs, colours, settings and faces. You will find a captivating collection of watches for both men and women from the world’s leading brands, such as: • Versace • Meccaniche • Rec • U-Boat You have a world of stunning options available to you at Franco Jewellers. The finest watch repairs in Melbourne There’s no need to look high and low and waste your precious time trying to find the best place to go for watch repairs in Melbourne. It’s right here at Franco Jewellers – 260 Collins Street in the heart of the CBD. No time like the present If you’ve ever wanted a beautiful watch then there’s no reason to wait any longer. With a stunning and diverse range of watches on offer, you can have the watch you’ve always dreamed of sitting perfectly across your wrist. The special thing about Franco Jewellers is you get more than the latest and most stylish watches for men and women – you have access to the most stunning engagement and wedding rings, precious gem stone rings and custom jewellery. The quality at Franco Jewellers is unequalled. The special one on one customer service experience is a hallmark of our care. Every client is special to us and it shows. For more, contact the Franco team today – because you can and because you’re worth it.
You can shop online anytime – your perfect piece of jewellery is here for you 24/7 Franco Jewellers Melbourne
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