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How to find the finest ladies custom jewellery

The ultimate in ladies custom jewellery is all yours Everyone likes to feel special and that’s where the best in ladies custom jewellery can give you that feeling like nothing else. Having something specifically made just for you gives you something that is unique to your style and your taste.

The most beautiful rings Melbourne has ever seen

For the ultimate in rings Melbourne has one special place To find the most exquisite rings Melbourne has on offer, you need to know one thing – quality. The quality of the way the ring is put together should be matched by the quality of the service you get from

The special thing about yellow diamond rings in Melbourne

The special thing about yellow diamond rings in Melbourne A truly exquisite diamond ring will be remembered forever, that’s why the breathtaking yellow diamond rings of Melbourne are unforgettable. This is the reason that anyone in the know heads to the best of the best, that’s Franco Jewellers. Melbourne is

The best platinum wedding bands in Melbourne are all yours

The finest platinum wedding bands in Melbourne are all yours Wedding bands say so much about a couple and their love for one another. It’s no surprise that there is such a strong demand for the best platinum wedding bands in Melbourne. That’s why seeing the experts at Franco Jewellers

Where to find the best custom jewellery makers in Melbourne

The finest custom jewellery makers in Melbourne can be yours There is a whole world of truly beautiful jewellery out there. Then there’s that extra touch of the exquisite when you have a piece made by the best custom jewellery makers in Melbourne. That’s where the mastery of Franco Jewellers

How to make the most of the best man-made diamonds in Melbourne

Looking for the finest jewellery from man-made diamonds in Melbourne? The only name you need to know is Franco Jewellers. You deserve more than a charming piece of jewellery. You deserve a thing of rare beauty and that is what you can have with help from the true experts in

The best place for Versace watches in Australia

You can have the timeless stylishness that comes with the range of Versace watches Australia has fallen in love with. There is virtually no other fashion icon that stands up to the exquisite character and fabulous flair of Versace. It is that unique style and quality that shines through in

Where to find the best Mens rings in Melbourne

Looking for the finest Men’s rings in Melbourne? The answer is Franco Jewellers. This is where you will find a range of Men’s rings that will truly blow you away. These are the Men’s rings Melbourne men of style have been desperate to find and now they’re here. There is

The most divine diamond earrings in Melbourne are all yours

The finest diamond earrings in Melbourne can be yours There is something special, almost magical about a pair of diamond earrings. They add a charm and sophistication to whatever you are wearing. There is a special quality they bring to your face and accentuate the sparkle and light in your

The Finest Custom Engagement Rings In Melbourne Can Be Yours

With Franco Jewellers benefit program, you can be wearing the ring you’ve always dreamed of. That’s the beauty of having the most exquisite custom engagement rings in Melbourne. We think that you deserve the very best and that’s why we offer the special Franco Jewellers Benefit Program. We are proud to offer the very best in service, customer satisfaction and the most stunning range of jewellery.

The Special Thing About Dora Wedding Rings For Melbourne Couples

Love is a special bond and connection.
A symbol of that love goes hand in hand with the feeling of everlasting commitment. This can be shown with the special beauty of wedding rings. It is a beauty that can be found with the top range of DORA wedding rings in Melbourne. That range is all yours at the home of fine jewellery, that’s Franco Jewellers.

The Finest Pearl Rings Melbourne Are Here

Looking for the finest pearl rings in Melbourne? There’s only one name you need to know, that’s Franco Jewellers.
There is nothing more exquisite than the beauty of a pearl. The special creation from Mother Nature has a magical element that has mesmerised and captivated people since the dawn of time. That perfection still takes the breath away to this very day.

The Secret To Buying Rose Gold Engagement Rings Melbourne

Rose gold rings are a favourite choice. They’re described as one of the most romantic styles you could wear. Cartier recognised the beauty of rose gold almost 100 years ago when they released their gorgeous Trinity range. Rose gold sets off a ring with exquisite beauty. Melbourne’s Italian master jewellers are experts at hand crafting stunning rose gold engagement rings for romantics right across Victoria and beyond.

Where Can I Buy Custom Engagement Rings Melbourne Wide?

It’s one of the most important days of your life. The proposal.
Ensuring the ring is just perfect will add a special element to the occasion and bring out an added emotion that you will remember forever.
It all comes down to having a ring made just for you.
Where can you buy the best custom engagement rings Melbourne wide?

The Very Best Wedding Rings Melbourne CBD Jewellers Can Offer

It’s one of the most important days of your life. The proposal.
Ensuring the ring is just perfect will add a special element to the occasion and bring out an added emotion that you will remember forever.
It all comes down to having a ring made just for you.
Where can you buy the best custom engagement rings Melbourne wide?
You will know that not just any jewellers will make the cut.

Who Is One Of The Top Melbourne CBD Jewellers?

Melbourne is a city rich in traditional cultures, and famous for its amazing community of passionate Italians. Known for their extraordinary creativity and artistic prowess, is it any wonder then that one of the top Melbourne CBD jewellers originates from Italy. We are blessed to be able to see the beautiful works of art by Italians dating back thousands of years, and we’re privileged to be able to see these gifted artisans still at work, right here in Melbourne.

The Finest Custom Jewellery In Melbourne

The finest custom jewellery in Melbourne can be found at Franco Jewellers. Italian master jeweller, highly skilled in crafting gorgeous bespoke jewellery. Style is synonymous with individuality. As a wearer of fine jewellery, you totally embody style. You know the difference that specially crafted custom jewellery can make to your place in the world. Did you know the trend for unique pieces is continuing to grow?

Why Jewellery Care Matters

Jewellery care goes hand in hand with owning gorgeous custom made Jewellery. With a deep level of sentimentality attached to your Jewellery, there’s no doubt you’ll want it to last throughout the years. That means giving it the special care and attention it needs to ensure the beauty and shine is retained, and it remains in pristine condition. Being especially custom made, there’s nothing else like your piece of Jewellery. It’s unique and individual just like you.

Engagement Ring Myths And Superstitions

There are so many superstitions and stories about what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to choosing and showing your engagement ring.
It’s about time to set the record straight and help you enjoy the magic of your engagement and the love story you are living every day.

How To Clean Diamond Earrings?

Is there anything as startling, sparkling and eye-catching as a pair of diamond earrings?
Nothing can really compare to the magic that they give to the face and the stylishness they bring to the lucky one wearing them.
There’s one question that often gets ignored and it is to the detriment of the jewellery itself – how to clean diamond earrings properly?

Where can you get the best lab grown diamonds?

The clear benefits that come with choosing lab grown diamonds There is more than one difference between mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. It’s these differences you need to weigh up before you buy a diamond and choose a truly gorgeous diamond engagement ring. The differences in a mined and lab

The custom jewellery Melbourne has been yearning for

  There is nothing more precious than having something custom-made. This is truly beautiful and exquisite jewellery that is more than bespoke, it tells a story of who you are. Here is the chance at the custom jewellery Melbourne has been waiting for. This is the unique opportunity to have

Are oval diamond rings more expensive or better value?

Why oval diamond rings are a winning design Get an engagement ring that catches the eye and captures the heart, think oval diamond rings. It’s a way to show you are determined to walk into the sunset with a happy future ahead of you. The oval shape is unusual enough

The white gold engagement rings Australia is talking about

Where to find the finest white gold engagement rings in Australia An amazing engagement ring goes to a new level when it’s a white gold engagement ring. The very best rings go beyond being a simple band of gold. An engagement ring is a statement to the outside world that

What are cocktail rings and how to find the best in Melbourne

The cocktail rings that get all the attention There’s something special about stunning cocktail rings. They dazzle and delight. They grab the heartstrings. They get all the attention for all the right reasons. These are the rings that show you have a special sense of taste and sophistication. There are

Your guide to selecting the perfect diamond

The perfect ring starts with a guide to selecting the perfect diamond Whether it’s a diamond engagement ring or a diamond wedding ring in Melbourne that you’re after, one jeweller is here with expert advice and a guide to selecting the perfect diamond. There’s more to finding the right diamond

The most exquisite wedding rings and wedding bands in Melbourne

Where to find special wedding rings and wedding bands in Melbourne The very best wedding bands Melbourne has to offer is by capturing your individual style and the uniqueness of your love. That’s where the speciality of Franco Jewellers comes into the picture. These wedding bands and wedding rings are

Why Versace watches are a timeless fashion piece

It’s time you had a look at the fashion of Versace Watches A fashion icon will always stand the test of time. That’s exactly what happens when you’re lucky enough to have one of the iconic Versace watches. Franco Jewellers is renowned for offering the most exquisite jewellery with the

How to find the best of the best jewellers in Melbourne

It’s worth finding the best jewellers Melbourne has to offer Exquisite jewellery will always stand the test of time. When it comes to Australia’s best jewellers, Melbourne has one of the very finest. Franco Jewellers is renowned for offering the most exquisite jewellery with the ultimate in customer service excellence.

Why it’s time to get yourself a U-Boat Watch

Of all the quality watches around the world, there is something special about a U-Boat watch that stands the test of time. The precision and perfection of a U-Boat watch is undeniable. There are few opportunities to have something that is truly unique. A U-Boat watch gives you the chance

How to find an exceptional pair of earrings in Melbourne

Who is the top jeweller who has perfected the art of earrings Melbourne women have fallen for? A piece of art is like a unique love, truly something to cherish. The ultimate in earrings Melbourne now boasts are a work of art in themselves. The great news is that the

Where to go for the best pearl jewellery in Melbourne

To find the most pristine of pearl jewellery Melbourne offers, then there’s only one name to know The world is your oyster when you have your own piece of perfectly gorgeous pearl jewellery Melbourne has to offer. Exquisite pearl jewellery has a magic all its own. Melbourne has one place

For a diamond ring that will stand the test of time, it’s time to look at a Radiant cut diamond

A radiant cut diamond gives you the best in brilliance, durability and sophistication. The diamond appears larger than it is with a smaller price tag.

Why an Asscher cut diamond ring is a special choice

What is a stunning diamond ring without the sparkle and special brilliance of its stone?

That’s where the beauty of an amazing Asscher cut diamond ring makes all the difference.

Why an emerald cut diamond ring is a magical engagement ring for the love of your life

A diamond ring can say more about your relationship than words can describe. That’s the beauty of a beautiful diamond ring.

The most important thing to remember when you do come to buying a diamond ring is that it is your personal taste that matters above all else.

How to find your way to see the very best in diamond clarity

When you think of a diamond, you are probably picturing the sparkle and brilliance of that precious stone. This is why diamond clarity is one of the most important aspects of each and every diamond.

There is more to know about diamond carats than meets the eye

If you’ve ever heard talk about diamonds then you have probably heard about the 4 C’s. These are Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity.
The thing about diamond carats is not as clear as understanding how the cut, the colour and the clarity of the diamond. A beautiful diamond ring is made by taking the best of all these elements and combining them into one wonderful piece.

What are the different diamond colours and what do they mean to you

When it comes to the importance of diamond characteristics, it is diamond colours that can be a little overwhelming and confusing. There is already a great deal to think about when it comes to finding a beautiful diamond ring without worrying if you are choosing the right or wrong coloured diamond.

What is the importance of diamond cuts to the quality and look of your diamond ring?

Almost everyone would love a diamond ring. The sparkle, the magic, the mystery is all there in that special stone. How important are diamond cuts to the style and beauty of your diamond ring?

What is it about an oval cut that makes it the best choice for your diamond ring?

Of all the different diamond cuts there is one that has a special charm for a diamond ring. That is where an oval cut shines brightest as something out of the ordinary and can bring you an extraordinary looking piece of jewellery.

What can you do if you’re thinking of having a wedding during Covid 19 in Victoria?

It is easy to see how hard it has been for couples who have planned their weddings in Victoria to deal with Covid 19.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The Charm of a Cushion Cut Diamond Imagine a diamond that looks like crushed ice crystal. That’s the magic and charm of a cushion cut diamond. This one of the classic diamond cuts, but one with a special character that is all its own. Whatever the shape of the diamond

The Beauty of a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A diamond cut has nothing to do with the shape of the diamond. It’s all about how well it has been cut and polished. It needs to be symmetrical and perfectly proportioned. It may seem strange, but the way a diamond is cut is crucial. Any mistake or miscalculation will

What are the different diamond cuts and what do they mean to you?

Diamond cuts are essential to not just how good a diamond looks, but what it is worth. You don’t get second chances when it comes to creating the perfect shaped diamond. How do you know you’re getting the best value for your hard earned money?

What is the importance of diamond cuts to the quality and look of your diamond ring?

Knowing how important diamond cuts are to the look and value of your diamond will help make sure you find the perfect diamond ring. A diamond cut is basically how well a diamond has been cut and polished.

Your best chance for the best jewellery

Having the chance to enhance your life is a precious thing. That’s why the art of fine jewellery becomes something to treasure. There are some common mistakes that people can make when it comes to jewellery.
Let’s take you through a few so you can avoid the pitfalls and problems and find your way to a wonderful world of exquisite items.

Where to find Melbourne’s best jeweller

The stand out of all Melbourne jewellers on Collins Street When it comes to jewellery, you want to have something that is truly special. Something unique and something that showcases your good taste is always the goal. Finding a special jeweller who can help you that special piece is a

When is the best time to buy diamond rings?

Diamond Rings with a calling Knowing when to pop the question is all about timing. When it comes to diamond rings, the best time to buy one is just as important. You could be saving yourselves hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if you know the perfect time to buy

What is the difference between a mined and lab-made diamond?

You could be one of the many to wonder what exactly is the difference between a diamond dug up from the earth or one made in a laboratory. This is a question that could be weighing on the mind of anyone about to buy a diamond, especially a diamond engagement

The top jewellers in the Melbourne CBD

Jewellery is more than adornment – it can add charm and character. That’s what is special about Melbourne’s Collins Street. It’s always been home to the finest jewellers in Melbourne. It has been an important street ever since the founding of the city. It’s best-known as the most fashionable of Melbourne’s city streets. It’s no wonder the most fashionable stores and retailers are always looking to get their names on a Collins Street awning.

Quality Handmade Custom and Bespoke Engagement Rings in Melbourne

At Franco Jewellers, we offer quality custom engagement rings in Melbourne We have fifty years’ experience in the industry, and we offer one-on-one customer service We provide excellent brands from Italy, and our quality craftsmen create bespoke designs Visit us at St Collins lane and…

Let Franco Jewellers Help You Find Your Dream Wedding Ring Bands in Melbourne

Wedding rings in Melbourne are a sign of love and affection A meaningful moment of your wedding is when you and your spouse exchange rings Your ring is a symbol of devotion and should be chosen and looked after with special care Tips Regarding Choosing Wedding Rings in Melbourne When you are…

High Quality Affordable Engagement Rings from Respected Jewellers in Melbourne

At Franco Jewellers, we offer quality engagement rings in Melbourne We pride ourselves on our top quality products and services, with custom, bespoke options available to create your unique piece of jewellery See us for the best quality engagement rings in Melbourne Common Mistakes People make…

Franco Jewellers Stands Out Among Jewellery Shops, Stores, and Designers in Melbourne

Looking for jewellery stores in Melbourne Trust Franco Jewellers Choosing a jeweller is a personal decision Most people don’t buy jewellery very often, so it pays to make it count It’s also a bit more complex than buying, say, a new sweater or pair of shoes When you buy a new outfit, you…

Franco Jewellers is a Trusted Name in Pearl Jewellery in Melbourne Including Earrings, Necklace, Rings and Bracelet Pieces

Wearing pearl jewellery in Melbourne is a lovely fashion accent The popularity of pearl jewellery has withstood the test of time Largely used for aristocracy and monarchs thousands of years ago, using pearls as an accessory in everyday culture continues to grow in popularity Problems Black…

Franco Jewellers Designs Exceptional Jewellery Including Wedding Rings and Unique Engagement Rings in Melbourne

A piece of unique jewellery from Melbourne is a wonderful accessory Exclusive jewellery such as unique wedding rings in Melbourne are pieces that carry with it incredible memories The professionals at Franco Jewellers are here to provide you with guidance and tips for any exceptional jewellery…

Finding the Perfect Diamond Rings in Melbourne For the Big Question

With the right jeweller, finding diamond rings in Melbourne can be stress-free Few things can match the powerful symbolism and sentiment contained within diamond engagement and wedding rings At Franco Jewellers, we help our clients indulge in the excitement of shopping for diamond rings in…

Come to Franco Jewellers for Your Wedding Rings with Diamonds in Melbourne

Diamond wedding rings in Melbourne commemorate a special event Your wedding is a milestone occasion in your life Our selection of diamond wedding bands in Melbourne is a symbol to help remind you of everything that took place that day Our team is here to guide you through each of your choices…

Advantages of Custom Wedding Rings and Where to Find Custom Made Diamond Rings in Melbourne

Express your love with beautiful custom wedding rings in Melbourne You want your wedding ring to be expressive and beautiful, a unique representation of your relationship Many people are able to find rings that suit them perfectly in their local jewellery stores However, in other cases, not just…

Adorable and affordable engagement rings in Melbourne

A love expressed with the best engagement rings in Melbourne An engagement ring is often thought more important than a wedding ring. It is usually more elaborate, more sophisticated and even more expensive. There is a lot depending on what choice of ring you choose. It can soon become overwhelming

About Men’s Wedding Bands and Where to Find Gold Engagement Rings in Melbourne

Express your love and commitment with men’s gold rings in Melbourne Men typically put a great deal of thought into selecting engagement rings for their partners, but when it comes to choosing his wedding band, it may be a little trickier to figure out all the options However, it would help if…

A call for the best engagement rings

Where to find the Best Engagement Rings around What does an engagement ring say? It speaks of the love and the coming marriage of two people. When it comes to finding the best engagement rings, it can be hard to find what is right for you and your beloved. What

Unique Wedding Bands-Bespoke Jeweller

As Fine Jewellery continues to trend in the direction of subtle and understated, the time is right to embrace a style adorning the fingers of countless Hollywood A-listers: ring stacking. With ring stacking, less isn’t more—more is more. Gone are the days where your outfit is limited to one or

Gucci Flora- Jeweller for Quality Brands

Franco Jewellers is proud to be one of Melbourne’s select retailers of the iconic Italian fashion house Gucci. A brand from humble beginnings, the name Gucci has since become synonymous with luxury, timelessness, and high-end design. In addition to their staple leather goods and clothing, Gucci also produces exquisite collections

Ring Stacks- Jeweller Melbourne

As Fine Jewellery continues to trend in the direction of subtle and understated, the time is right to embrace a style adorning the fingers of countless Hollywood A-listers: ring stacking. With ring stacking, less isn’t more—more is more. Gone are the days where your outfit is limited to one or

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