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As Fine Jewellery continues to trend in the direction of subtle and understated, the time is right to embrace a style adorning the fingers of countless Hollywood A-listers: ring stacking. With ring stacking, less isn't more—more is more. Gone are the days where your outfit is limited to one or two pieces of Jewellery; now, you can combine an assortment of delicate and fashionable bands to create a look that is cohesive, elegant, and commands attention. An increasing number of brides are elevating their beautiful diamond engagement rings with glittering stacks, whilst others use fashionable fine Jewellery as inspiration for seasonal accessorising. Many esteemed Jewellery houses have also jumped on board this trend, releasing collections of ready-to-wear stacks and individual pieces that can either be worn on their own or group to create a complimentary, unified look. Although there is no “wrong” way to stack rings, these four simple strategies will help you take this trend well into 2017.

1. Mix it up.

Mixing metals was once regarded as a fashion faux pas. Today, however, men and women are encouraged to experiment with different metals. Silver, gold, rose gold, copper—everything is fair game when it comes to ring stacking.

2. Play with texture, color, and style.

The sky is the limit when it comes to blending textures, colors, and motifs. You might be surprised to discover a bold, statement ring pairs effortlessly with a sleek, chic sterling silver band. Similar to incorporating pops of color in interior design, adding colored gemstones to your ring stack is an effective way to boost visual interest.

3. Balance is key.

While the number of rings you choose to stack is up to you, it’s important to keep balance a core consideration. Failure to evenly space your rings can create unnecessary clutter and weight on your fingers. To create a balanced stack, we recommend wearing thicker, heavier rings on the bottom and lighter pieces on top.

4. Express yourself!

Ring stacking is all about creative self-expression, and creating an ensemble that is reflective of you and your personality. At Franco, we are pleased to offer our customers a rich assortment of ready-to-wear Jewellery stacks to suit your taste and budget. From white gold to black diamonds and everything in between, our Jewellers will work with you to select a stack that is true to you, or build one to complement staples from your personal collection. Connect with a qualified Franco Jeweller using our contact form or by dialing 03 9564 7755.
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