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Finding the best jewellery in Melbourne is easy. Head to Franco Jewellers at the iconic Manchester Unity building on Collins Street. You’ll discover a world of exquisite pieces that are both beautiful to wear and something to admire. There is no need to go here, there and everywhere trying to find the right thing when the perfect piece can be created for you. Whether it’s your very own custom-designed engagement or wedding ring, a bracelet or necklace, Franco Jewellers can make your dream a reality. It’s the Melbourne jewellery store that gives you more in style, sophistication and service.
Jewellery of distinction
Fine jewellery is a feature of Franco Jewellers, but the special thing is that Franco also make it affordable.
Having a truly memorable piece of quality jewellery is no longer a luxury.
You can choose from an outstanding collection or have something created just for you. This will be something that you cherish for the rest of your life.
The Franco specialty
There are a number of choices when it comes to jewellers in the Melbourne CBD and beyond but only one that goes above and beyond with their level of customer service excellence.
Franco Jewellers is the name to remember.
Every client is special. That’s the difference with Franco Jewellers.
The best jewellery in Melbourne can be yours.
You will experience true one on one customer care.
Contact the Franco team today – because you’re worth it.
You can shop online anytime – your perfect piece of jewellery is here for you 24/7
Franco Jewellers Melbourne
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