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  • Sale! FJE-3527

    Fiorina Deco Drop Earrings-Black Onyx and Navy Blue

    $445.00 $356.00
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  • small diamond studs

    18ct white gold diamond stud earrings -FJ4000

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  • Sale! FJE-3604 Lumiere earrings Iolite 700x700

    Fiorina Lumiere Earrings-Ameythst

    $1125.00 $900.00
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  • blkstuds_1024x1024-1405414221.jpg

    18ct White Gold Black Diamond 0.71cts Studs FJ0073

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  • 60-1405489497.jpg

    18ct White Gold Flower Diamond Studs FJ0026

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  • blkstuds_32db0149-decb-4cc1-a412-2c1746d1a042_1024x1024-1405414346.jpg

    18ct White Gold Black Diamond 1.17cts Studs FJ0074

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  • 40-1405485716.jpg

    18ct White Gold Black Diamond Halo Studs FJ0075

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  • 67-1405490217.jpg

    18ct White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Earrings FJ0028

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  • 71-1405490749.jpg

    18ct White Gold Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings FJ0027

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  • mid range earrings

    18ct white gold diamond stud earrings FJ4001

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  • 41280

    Gival 18ct drop cluster diamond earrings -4128/O

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  • 49-1405487692.jpg

    18ct White Gold Diamond And Pink Sapphire Studs FJ0112

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  • je1111014_fe773_wdi-2_0850_1024x1024-1405440257.jpg

    Pearl and Diamond Earrings. JE11111014

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  • je0509043_fe691wdi_final_1024x1024-1405440105.jpg

    Pearl and Diamond Earrings JE0509043

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  • 4736

    Gival 18ct Meditteranean Sea Coral and Diamond Earrings- 4736/O

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  • V-19951414_0_565

    18ct white gold diamond stud earring FJ4002

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  • je0811015_fe1024wdi_193_1024x1024-1405440196.jpg

    Pearl and Diamond Earrings JE0811015

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  • 49110

    Gival 18ct Acquamarine and Diamond Drop earrings- 4911/O

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  • 4741o

    Gival 18ct Acquamarine and Diamond Drop Earrings-4741/O

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  • 3947-o-1430803807.jpg

    Gival 18ct White Gold Diamond & Ruby Earrings 3947/O

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