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Princess Cut Diamonds

The Precious Thing about a Princess Cut Diamond

Diamonds – the perfect choice of the most precious gemstones.

Nothing makes a diamond more radiant and regal than a princess cut. A princess cut diamond ring captures the most captivating characteristics of symmetry, proportion and polish.

It’s important to remember that diamond cuts are not about a diamond’s shape but the style and design guide that’s used to shape the diamond. That’s where a princess cut delivers a sparkling delight that is supreme. The result is a truly exquisite diamond.

This is one of the most delightful of all the diamond cuts. You get a breath-taking style, look and brilliance that is both classical and charming.

A princess cut diamond ring has a quality unlike others. No wonder it is one of the most sought after styles of diamonds.

Why Princess Cut diamonds can be the loveliest of all

A fairy tale romance is the ultimate dream. That’s why a princess cut diamond conjures up a magic all its own. That uniqueness is something to treasure.

How do you make that magic happen for you as a symbol of your love and commitment?

That’s where a trusted jeweller who can take you through the pros and cons of the different diamond cuts is worth their weight in gold.

There is one!

Franco Jewellers are a cut above the rest

With Franco Jewellers, you can be sure that your choice of a diamond ring is of the highest quality, the best craftsmanship and one to treasure for all the years to come.

Here is where you can enjoy one on one customer service.

Talk to Franco Jewellers today – because you’re worth it.

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