Baraka 18ct Yellow Gold Cross Pendant with Black Diamonds-CR314111 - franco

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Baraka 18ct Yellow Gold Cross Pendant with Black Diamonds-CR314111

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” Baraka celebrates the refined style of the elegant and contemporary man with jewellery of technical and innovative character ”

Barakà has become a brand that manages to stand out in the world of high jewellery thanks to its men’s jewellery with high technical and engineering content, drawing inspiration from architectural elements, joints and movements that are combined with precious materials.

Barakà’s universe of values is expressed through jewels entirely made in Italy that combine luxury and innovation, elegance and attention to detail, and in thematic collections that tell stories of conquests, adventures and icons of Italian design reinterpreted in high jewellery

Barakà has always stood out for its avant-garde production and 100% Made in Italy goldsmith craftsmanship. Our masters create each piece of jewellery with great care and precision: gold and diamonds are expertly combined with innovative materials to create creations of absolute prestige and refinement.

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